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CONTACT Skin Wipes

CONTACT Skin Wipes are pre-treatment skin wipes which clean and disinfect the skin, whilst also leaving a coating to improve electrode contact and conductivity.

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CONTACT Skin Wipes are a skin dressing wipe recommended to improve electrode contact and protect sensitive skin.

Using the CONTACT Skin Wipe before applying the electrode creates a film on the skin which gives an even surface for the gel to bond to - creating the maximum conductive area.

This film also protects the skin from adhesives and prevents body oils from being absorbed into the electrode gel.

CONTACT Skin Wipes are produced in a Class 8 (FDA 100,000) Clean Room environment under ISO 9001-2000/ISO 13485:2003 quality standards.

CONTACT Skin Wipes are a SINGLE USE wipe to prevent cross contamination.

  • 1 package of 50 individual CONTACT Skin Wipes