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E-BF155 Butterfly Electrode Pads
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E-BF155 Butterfly Electrode Pads

Large Pads 2 in a Pack

Valuable, reusable, self-adhesive electrode pads for TENS, EMS and IFT units.

1 pack of 2 electrode pads.

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Key features:

  • Gel based, hypoallergenic and latex-free
  • Super-easy to apply, self-adhesive and reusable (up to 30 times)
  • Large surface area 105 mm x 155 mm to relieve back pain or stimulate large muscles
  • Universal connectors compatible with most TENS, EMS, and IFT units (2mm round pin connection)
  • Pack of 2 larger butterfly electrode pads with resealable packet to retain freshness
  • Ideal for large muscle areas (back, thighs, bottom)

1 pack of 2 self-adhesive electrodes (105 mm X