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Assembled gold probe with pointer
Gold probe with pointer


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Gold Vaginal Electrode with Pointer

The Gold intra-vaginal electrode with Pointer can be used in conjunction with most muscle stimulators and EMG biofeedback equipment, including the TensCare range of pelvic floor exercisers.

With a gold-plated electrode, the Gold Vaginal Electrode can be used as an alternative vaginal probe for those with particular reactions to base metals.

For single patient use.

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Biofeedback Pointer:

You can attach the pointer to the base of the probe to show the effect of correct muscle contraction. You can use it with stimulation or to aid voluntary kegel exercises. During a correct contraction, the pointer should move downwards.

Directions for use:

The internal probe electrode is for a single user only.

Make sure that the stimulator is turned off prior to applying or removing probe This probe cannot be sterilized.


Clean with cold soapy water or a pad soaked in surgical spirit and then rinse in clean running water before and after each treatment. Dry with a paper towel. Alcohol solution is not suitable for cleaning this probe.


Do not use this probe for electro-stimulation in suspected or known cases of:

  1. Any muscle disorders
  2. Bladder or vaginal infection. - Probe insertion may aggravate infection c. Cervical cancer - Laboratory tests show that electrical stimulation may enhance cell division
  3. If have or have had, epilepsy. - Use of electrical stimulation may lower seizure threshold
  4. Persons with an implanted pacemaker-May affect correct operation of the device
  5. Pregnancy- Effect on foetal development is not known


  1. Keep the control unit dry and away from source of heat.
  2. Never connect to a high frequency surgical device (risk of burns at the electrode).
  3. The long-term effects of stimulation have not been established.
  4. This device is for short term use only.
  5. Do not touch the two metal electrodes of the probe after turning the device on except for normal operation.
  6. Do not use the device in or near water.
  7. If using lubricating gel, do not use a silicone based gel, as this may reduce electrical contact.
  • Gold Vaginal Electrode with biofeedback Pointer

For single patient use only.