Liberty Vaginal Electrode
Liberty Vaginal Electrode – Continence Management Accessories – Stress, Urge & Mixed Incontinence


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Liberty Vaginal Electrode

The Liberty intra-vaginal electrode can be used in conjunction with most muscle stimulators and EMG biofeedback equipment, and has been designed for use with our range of pelvic floor exercisers.

For single patient use.

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The Liberty Vaginal Electrode can be used in conjunction with most EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) units and pelvic floor exercisers to help with the relief of stress, urge and mixed incontinence.

Key features:

  • Dimensions: 73mm length x 28mm diameter
  • Provides comfortable muscle stimulation to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles
  • Compatible probe for use with various pelvic floor exercisers
  • To be used intra-vaginally
  • Lightweight and slimline design
  • Reusable for up 6 months (single patient use).

Indications for Use

For use as an intravaginal probe in the treatment of female urinary incontinence with muscle stimulation and EMG biofeedback equipment approved to EN60601-01.


  •  For single patient use only
  •  May be re-used by the same patient
  •  Wash before first use
  •  Do not use if pack is open or damaged


Do not use a Muscle Stimulator if the following are present:

  •  Implanted pacemaker - May affect correct operation of the device
  •  Pregnancy - Effect on foetal development is not known
  •  Bladder or vaginal infection, or recent surgical scar - Probe insertion may aggravate infection
  •  With a history of carcinoma at the site of stimulation - Laboratory tests show that electrical stimulation may enhance cell division

Caution is advised

  •  On patients with altered or reduced tissue sensation - Excessive stimulation may cause tissue inflammation
  •  If the user has a history of epilepsy - Use of electrical stimulation may lower seizure threshold
  •  If the user has a severe prolapse - Introduction of the probe, or muscle contraction, could damage the prolapsed tissue.
  •  Contains nickel: May cause irritation or allergic reaction following prolonged contact
  • Liberty Vaginal Electrode (73mm length x 28mm diameter) with leads attached

For single patient use only.

Resolving ‘LEADS’ Message on your Pelvic Floor Exerciser

There are 2 main reasons why you may be getting the ‘LEADS’ message on your control unit:

1. Fault in the lead wires or probe connections

An intermittent break in the lead, or the short lead attached to the probe, could be the cause of your LEAD fault. You can purchase a replacement set of leads via the ‘Accessories’ page.

2. You just aren’t the right shape for this probe

Peoples’ bodies vary. If there isn’t enough contact on the electrode plates the electric current cannot flow.

In this instance, you could try:

i)  Using a water-based lubricant gel such as Go Gel to improve the contact.
ii) Try using a different probe: The Liberty Plus is 4mm wider providing better contact for some women.

No sensation and LEADS alarm showing.

Check lead and probe connection:

Dampen your hand with water and a little table salt. Squeeze the probe firmly in your hand and carefully increase the strength until you can feel something or LEADS alarm shows.
a) If you CAN'T feel anything, either the lead or the unit is faulty
b) If you CAN feel something on your hand, and the LEADS alarm does NOT show, then there is nothing wrong with the unit or lead.

The electrical conductivity of the vagina varies widely. The LEAD detection circuit in the product is there as a safety feature to ensure any rapid changes in connection cannot cause very uncomfortable, rapid changes in stimulation.
nfortunately this means that some users, who fall outside of the general range, may experience unwanted LEADS alarms.

If you experience unwanted LEADS alarm, please try:

i)  Using a water–based lubricant which will improve conduction
ii) Purchasing a larger probe: the Liberty Plus probe is 4mm wider than the standard Liberty probe
iii) Crossing your legs and squeezing to increase pressure on the probe, which should improve the connection. If this enables you to use the unit, you should find that in a few weeks of stimulation the contact improves.

If none of the above solves your issue, then we are sorry to say that the unit will not work for you.


No sensation and no LEADS alarm
If you have tried the test above and DO have sensation when the probe is in your hand, then you may have reduced sensitivity due to previously damaged or desensitized pudendal nerves (this can happen in childbirth or some surgical procedures).
Please contact your GP for advice.

No sensation on one side
The current flows from one side of the probe to other, so it is not possible to have one side “not working”.
However, the strength of the sensation depends on how close to the nerve the current flows and also in which direction it flows relative to the nerve.
You can try slightly adjusting the position of the probe, or exchanging the connection of the wires in the probe.


X-VP                Liberty Vaginal probe 28mm
X-VPM             Liberty Plus Vaginal Probe 32mm
X-VPG             Liberty Gold Vaginal Probe 26mm
L-IT-1               Replacement lead for original iTouch Sure and Elise models (metal connection)
L-IT1-NEW        Replacement lead for newer iTouch Sure and Elise models (plastic connection)
X-AP                 Anal probe
X-PR13              Smaller diameter probe
E-CM5050          Electrode pads 50x50mm
K-GO                 Go Gel Personal Lubricant
B-BL4B              Li-ion battery


Original Models
(Metal Connection)

Newer Models
(Plastic Connection)

Please note that the leads for the newer iTouch Sure and Elise units have a new plastic connecting plug, and the leads for the older iTouch Sure and Elise units have a metal connecting plug: