Can I use a standard TENS unit for Labour? |

Can I use a standard TENS unit for Labour?

The simple answer is NO.

Although ordinary TENS and maternity TENS work in the same way, ordinary TENS machines are not specifically designed for maternity use.

There are several important, practical differences:


When a contraction occurs, you need to be able to quickly change the way the TENS operates, and then be able to change it back at the end of the contraction. Unlike normal TENS units, the Maternity TENS has a special ‘boost’ button which quickly adjusts the settings when you need them.


Our maternity TENS have special settings for each stage of labour. You can change the settings at the touch of just one button. With an ordinary TENS unit, you would need to adjust several settings as your labour progresses – a more difficult operation in an extremely stressful situation.


Most TENS units have a separate intensity control for each lead. Our maternity units have one intensity control for both leads to make things simpler.


In labour the pain is widespread. You need to cover a large area to get effective pain relief. If you do not have the special larger pads which are supplied with the maternity TENS units, then the pain relief provided will not be as effective.

In summary, it is much safer and easier to use Maternity TENS units during labour as they are specifically designed to suit the needs of pregnant women, and clinically tested to ensure the upmost effectiveness in providing drug-free pain relief during childbirth.

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