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HeadaTerm Head Ache Relief

Do you want to get rid of the throbbing pain in your head and of associated nausea and visual problem? Do you want migraines to stop affecting your professional and personal lives?

Primary headaches are debilitating conditions that are extremely common among people. Drug treatments are the popular solutions to many patients, but just like with anti-nausea drugs, there are side effects that often turn people away.

Then, our bestselling HeadaTerm is definitely for you! No drug, no risk, no worries about potential side-effect. 

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HeadaTerm offers a drug-free scheme, which introduces electric impulses to act on the supraorbital nerve and supratrochlear nerve, the very nerves that transmit migraine pain, to treat and prevent migraine headaches.

HeadaTerm enables an electronic feedback mechanism to adjust the electrical impulses to the specific requirements of the individual user for personalized efficacy and comfort.




TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. It consists of a small unit, attached to the head via electrode pads, through which a harmless electrical signal is passed. The sensation is not painful or  unpleasant, and can be likened to "pins and needles", or even gentle massage. This signal triggers the nerve endings, activating the pain gate and boosting the release of endorphins.

Primary headaches, like migraine, are transmitted by the supraorbital nerve and the supratrochlear nerve. HeadaTerm introduces electric impulses from the user's forehead to act on these nerves and reduce the migraine signals transmitted.



Warm prompt

1. It is essential to use water or wet paper towels to cleanse the forehead thoroughly before the treatment to ensure good treatment effect.

2. Turn off the device firstly, then tear it off slowly to avoid hurting the skin and damaging the conductive paste.




Wearing instructions

1. Align the mirror surface plaster to the forehead, the device should be applied to clean and healthy skin

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Postion: 1cm over the eyebrows




Small in size, Big in capacity

HeadaTerm is very small and light, making it convenient not only to use at home or at the office, but also on trips and outdoor travelling.