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Chronic pain ruining your life? IFT can help manage pain

Chronic pain ruins lives. It ruins friendships, hobbies, diet, sleep, relationship, marriages, overall happiness and so much more.

To make it worse NSAID's, opiates and other drugs have side effects which make you question which is better to deal with; the side effects or the chronic pain.

Fortunately for you, there are options outside of prescription drugs that can really make a difference in your life!

Fibromyalgia: Pain relief + Drug-Free Alternatives

Sufferers of chronic pain know the dark side of pain management... The side effects

Many people with fibromyalgia often put up with the side effects of a variety of drugs due to their ability to effectively reduce the pain. 

However many people are unaware that there are many alternatives to traditional pain medication which do not cause a host of new problems with the side effects.

Here's Why 90% of Mothers Would Use Our Perfect MamaTENS Again

Deciding which pain relief solution for your pregnancy is tough! 

We want Women to know there are options for drug-free pain relief.

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The Worst Kept Secret in Pain Relief

Newspapers can play an extremely important part in educating people on the causes and effects of chronic long-term pain.

However, often stories of people suffering from conditions such as Fibromyalgia, can become buried beneath political scandals and ABBA reunions.

Occasionally, the issue of chronic pain is addressed, but TENS can sometimes be overlooked as a viable solution to the problems so many face every day.