Breastfeeding, how to meet your goals

85% of mothers planned to breastfeed for at least the first three months after their baby’s birth.

A massive 2 thirds of them have trouble breastfeeding and do not meet their own goal.

Benefits of Breastfeeding

Previous research has proven that babies being fed on infant formula instead of breast milk have a greater tendency to have more health issues.

Summer foods that keep you cool

Summer is here and it promises to be a scorcher. Here are a few ways to make sure that you are eating healthy and keeping your body cool this summer.

Cooling summer foods include:-

  1. FRUITS – Best fruits for summer are watermelons, muskmelons and citrus fruits.
  • Watermelons are full of water and are great as juice or just chopped up.
  • Muskmelons and other varieties of melon are also cooling and healthy in the heat...

Tenscare Shines at WCPT Exhibition

WCPT Congress 2017 in Cape Town is the profession’s largest international congress leading event for Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy with a large trade exhibition alongside the scientific programme to present the latest innovations and services.

The event welcomes more than 350.000 physical therapists, 112 member organisations and exhibitors from across all over the world that will be able to attract professional visits that can become potential dealers and buyers. Global perspectives on the profession’s hot topics are presented, reflecting low, middle and high resource experiences.

Discover the Breast Electrode Pads

  • Enhance the size and shape of your breasts: Electrical Stimulation can build, strengthen, and firm the pectoral muscles giving bulk and lift.

  • Lactation: Sensory stimulation can help initiate lactation. TENS can give discrete sensory stimulation at times when other techniques are not convenient.

New product line at COPA

COPA Series is a 2-day event that was held from the 7th – 8th June 2017 at the Excel Exhibition Centre in London.

COPA is the Europe’s leading event for Rehabilitation with medical equipment, products, services and technologies for everybody seeking news ideas and opportunities to grow their business and advance their professional development.

This event welcomes more than 500 exhibitor’s brands from across Europe which attract professional visits that can become potential dealers and buyers who want to discover new products and the latest technology or connect with the existing customers.


Bedwetting & Incontinence

Bedwetting is a common medical condition that has a serious impact on a child’s self-esteem, emotional well-being and day time functioning, including school and social performance.

Bedwetting is nobody’s fault, and families and doctors should be able to discuss the condition without embarrassment or guilt. However, the impact is often underestimated and trivialised, so help is not sought or offered. By raising awareness of bedwetting as a common condition that can and should be treated, World Bedwetting Day aims to encourage families to discuss bedwetting with their doctors and get the help they need.


Arthritis Awareness

Arthritis; also known as the 'Invisible IIllness is a challenging, often painful, and sometimes debilitating condition that affects millions of people every day.

Someone who breaks their arm or experiences an injury is obviously in bad shape but we can see their injury and understand their limitations. But for people living with an 'Invisible Illness such as arthritis, explaining what's wrong is another side effect of the condition. 

TensCare Ltd News

TensCare Ltd is now an Employee Owned Business with the majority of shares being held for the benefit of all TensCare Ltd employees in a Trust.

The trust gives staff a voice in how they think the business can be managed for the benefit of all and the Trustees are there to listen to staff insights and recommendations as well as form their own opinions on supporting the Board of our business TensCare Ltd.

It has been found that companies that have an Employee Own Trust structure experience higher levels of customer satisfaction, increased productivity, increased profitability and employee retention. 

Tenscare Exhibition at Hospitalar 2017

We are exhibiting at Hospitalar 2017 between the 16th – 19th May 2017 in São Paulo. Come visit us at our Stand 13-152A.

Hospitalar is the leading healthcare exhibition for medical equipment, products, services and technologies. It is the gateway to the South American Market, offering everything from hospital equipment, long-term care products, rehabilitation & orthopaedic products, electro-medical devices and medical services.

We hope that if you are in São Paulo you can take a moment to explore our new range of products and the opportunity of working together to help people to feel better naturally.

Buzziebaby Silver Award 2016 for Pelvic Floor Toners

We are delighted to have won a prestigious Bizziebaby Award for our Perfect PFE Pelvic Floor Exerciser – latest addition to TensCare range of pelvic floor exercisers.

Our Perfect PFE exercises and tones the pelvic floor muscle with additional settings to provide relief from pelvic pain

It has 4 programmes to strengthen the pelvic floor and additional programme for Chronic Pelvic Pain

Bizziebaby is a website designed specifically for new parents looking for the best, in-depth product reviews online.