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Causes Behind Toenail Fungus and How to Treat It

Although common, toenail fungus is not a problem to be ignored. Unfortunately, despite affecting many people, it is rather challenging to get rid of. Given the fact toenail fungus usually doesn’t inflict pain, it might be difficult to notice it. Look out for toenails that have thickened, become brittle or turned yellow – these have likely been affected by toenail fungus. 

How to Cope with Pregnancy Discomfort Naturally

Despite pregnancy undoubtedly being an exciting period in waiting for your new arrival, it also comes with things that are less than pleasant. Pregnancy discomfort is inevitable and differs in its severity from person to person, but avoiding it completely is impossible. Don’tworry – there are ways of making the symptoms milder naturally and we are here to walk you through them. 

Incontinence After Pregnancy is Not a Life Sentence. So Don’t Treat it as One

It’s not unknown that pregnancy is easily the most special and beautiful period in the woman’s life. 40 weeks bring changes to a woman’s body and its functions, and these constant yet dramatic changes is what makes pregnancy such a unique experience.

However, many are oblivious to the fact that issues faced in that period such as urinary incontinence may remain even after pregnancy.

It is common but it is not normal and thus should not be ignored. 

Period Pains are Common. Why is it Still a Taboo to Talk About Them?

From discomfort and low mood to cramps, menstrual symptoms are known to be unpleasant. It is also no secret some women have period pains more severe than others, yet the discussion of how truly bad things can get still remains a topic many avoid.

However, British Medical Journal sheds some light on the issue: the findings show that menstrual pain is the reason behind nine days of lost productivity per woman every year.

wrinkle reduction

Wrinkle Reduction from the Comfort of Your House – Safe and Natural

Plastic surgeries, lasers, chemical peels – there are millions of procedures people undergo to hide the signs of aging.

As a rule, they are pretty costly and, unfortunately, only lessen the appearance of the problem rather than solving it. But don’t worry!

Nature has its way of aiding us, and our own body is our ally – as long as we know how to address them, wrinkle reduction can be a surgery-free process.


How to Clean Nails Properly and Thoroughly to Keep Them Healthy

From Instagram nail art craze to hygiene concerns, nails play a bigger part in our lives than we give them credit for.

Even if you are not a fan of fancy manicures, natural clean nails alone can signal you as being a responsible person who takes care of their looks.

This is why we have prepared a little guide on how to clean your nails properly to avoid infection and unkept appearance.

fungal nail

Fungal Nail 101. From Unaesthetic Looks to Health Concerns

If you have never experienced nail fungus, you have most definitely heard of it.

Fungal nail is mostly known for its unsightly looks but if left unattended it can bring many serious consequences.  

This article will summarize the key threats.

nail fungus treatment device

Fight Nail Fungus With Our New Device - Nailit

If you have ever dealt with nail fungus, you know firsthand it does not look too aesthetically pleasing.

The market is full of nail fungus treatment means, ranging from creams to nail varnishes, but none of them truly focuses on the looks of the fungal nail.

This is why we have created our latest device – NailIt. 

Squeezable Nightlight and Why You Should Get One for Your Baby

The debate on pros and cons out nightlights in the nursery is still ongoing, but at TensCare we like having our input; or rather a conclusion.

We can, for a fine fact, say that a nightlight on its own does miracles to both, babies and parents.

And squeezable nightlight is a new level of that. 

TensCare Turns 27 Today. Happy Birthday to Us!

Yes, you read it right.

Twenty-seven years.

This is how long we have been helping people all over the world to win their lives back. 

From the primary focus of TENS machines for pain relief during child birth based in UK, in 27 years TensCare has added many new well-being and electrotherapy products to its catalogue, branching out across not just countries but continents.