Important Update: TensCare Will Be Closed on the 1st of July |

Important Update: TensCare Will Be Closed on the 1st of July

Dear all, we have an important update regarding our operation and processing of orders on the 1st of July. To honour 100 days of the lockdown, at TensCare we are hitting a reset button and closing the company for a day. 
Our customer support, unfortunately, will be unavailable all day and any orders placed on the 1st will be processed the following day. From July 2nd and further ahead, TensCare will be running business as usual. 
We came to such decision in the light of challenges we and everybody else have faced during the pandemic. At TensCare we are grateful not only we could stay afloat and continue working as per usual, but were able expand our family by taking new people on board. 
However, we also understand the world has changed. Working from home for 100 days was a challenge; a challenge we would tackle together as a team through innovative solutions, caring for one another. Different people would find themselves affected to a different degree, but the truth is that we are all in this together.  

Such a lengthy lockdown has blurred many lines between hours and days, even months. It feels as if March was yesterday, and yet we are entering July. A 9 to 5 day no longer drags on; instead it flies by in fever dream of Zoom calls, emails and day-to-day tasks.  
Our team at TensCare has worked relentlessly through the pandemic, making sure we still deliver the highest standards and keep everyone safe and sound. This has been a truly strange, mentally exhausting period and thus we came up with a decision: to hit the reset button.  
For an entire day on July 1st we will turn our emails off, schedule no zoom calls, and take a day to breathe. And so the next day we can return stronger and fresher than ever.