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We're closed on July 25th

Dear valued customers,

This is just a quick notification to say, that the TensCare offices will be closed on July 25th, as we will be celebrating our 25th birthday! 

Our access to emails will be limited and unfortunately we will not be able to take your calls on that day, however if you leave a message, we'll be sure to get back to you..

Normal service will be resumed on July 26th, and we look forward to...

TensCare's Animated Video Series

We have the pleasure of informing you of our new animated video series for the perfect Range by TensCare.

Every month we’ve been generating new video material for our flagship Perfect Range, and we believe it’s only getting better and better.

The latest videos are now active on all our online public platforms, and we want you to check them out.

We love investing time in these projects and are always glad to give them to you...

The Worst Kept Secret in Pain Relief

Newspapers can play an extremely important part in educating people on the causes and effects of chronic long-term pain.

However, often stories of people suffering from conditions such as Fibromyalgia, can become buried beneath political scandals and ABBA reunions.

Occasionally, the issue of chronic pain is addressed, but TENS can sometimes be overlooked as a viable solution to the problems so many face every day.

Thousands of patients given “useless” back-pain medication costing the NHS nearly £40m a year

A story has broken this week revealing that tens of thousands of patients are being given unnecessary steroid injections to counter back pain.

Some patients that demand fast treatment are being prescribed with a £540 procedure despite doctors being discouraged to recommend the treatment.

According to the Daily Mail and The Times...