Perfect mama+ Pain relief during labour & childbirth with contraction |


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Perfect mama+ Pain relief during labour & childbirth with contraction timer

Complete your birth plan with our best maternity TENS machine ever – The perfect mama+.  Take more control over your delivery! Effective and simple to use device allows you to be active & mobile. Mum’s favourite boost button, when pushed, gives you extra relief during contractions, allowing you to focus on the experience.

Get amazing benefits from your maternity TENS whilst practising for your big day! Use your perfect mama+ in the last 3 weeks of your pregnancy for effective & natural relief from back pain. The perfect mama+ helps with postpartum recovery following caesarean, perineal tear or episiotomy.

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Reliable, easy to use & works perfectly after pregnancy also

Our latest maternity TENS unit gives you more functions to actively track your progress in labour. Perfect mama+ can be used alone or easily used in conjunction with other pain relief methods for labour such as gas & air, pain relief medication, painkillers, water births. This is because there are no side effects with TENS technology.

The perfect mama+ will give you reliable pain relief by using TENS technology. TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is a safe and effective at reducing pain because it blocks the pain signals to the brain whilst triggering the release of endorphins which is our bodies natural pain relief.

Start Practicing Early

Practice with your perfect mama+ by using it 3 weeks before your due date to help relieve pain in your back and those Braxton Hicks (false labour pains / early stomach cramps).

The perfect mama+ is easy for both you and your partner to use! Your partner can practice putting on the electrode pads and you should practice using the machines buttons and programs.

Helps Postpartum Recovery

The perfect mama+ will help you have a smoother postpartum recovery by aiding with uterus contractions after birth. The uterus cramps are caused by the uterus cramps shrinking back to normal size.

Perfect mama+ helps with :

  • Inducing breastmilk
  • Menstrual pain
  • Postpartum back pain
  • Pain associated with caesarean, perineal tear and episiotomy

Focused not Fearful

Go into labour feeling prepared and focused for your childbirth. Rid yourself of anxiety and jitters during pregnancy knowing that you have a 100% safe and reliable pain relief that’s ultra-portable.

Our Best TENS machine for pregnancy and labour

We believe the perfect mama+ is the best maternity TENS ever! With many new and helpful features packed into a portable and easy to use handheld device.



Key Features:

  • Contraction Timer – Effectively measure your progress
  • Breast Electrodes – Initiate lactation with help form specially designed breast electrode pads
  • Integrated electrode pads – Comfortable connection with maximum nerve coverage
  • Boost Button – button for additional pain relief during contractions
  • Safety feature - The device shuts off if the electrode pads have poor connection.
  • Drug-free - Safe to use for both mother and baby
  • 60 steps of intensity for gentle increases in stimulation



  • Perfect Mama+
  • Set of AA batteries
  • Neck cord
  • Detachable belt clip
  • 1 pack Electrode pads 
  • 1 pack Breast Electrode pads 
  • Storage Pouch
  • Instruction Manual