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Tortoo Bath Thermometer

Turtle Bath Thermometer with Rattling Toy

This cute turtle bath thermometer also acts as a rattling toy, making bath time a joy for both child and parent.

Tortoo is the completely waterproof thermometer that will provide your child with hours of splashtastic fun.

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Make sure the water temperature is just right by checking the LCD display.

Tortoo is the perfect toy for children - small and portable with a built-in rattle to make bath time less stressful.

With battery life lasting around 10 months (one-hour daily use), Tortoo is your child's bathtime companion every time.

Save the planet with the eco-friendly, recyclable box, with no awkward plastic packaging. 



Measuring range: 0 to 50⁰C (32 to 122⁰F)

Resolution: 0.1⁰C (0.1⁰F)

Accuracy: +/- 2⁰C from 0 to 25⁰C,

+/- 1⁰C from 25 to 50⁰C

Thermometer alarm value (default: 39.0⁰C)

Module dimensions: Ø 65mm, h 50mm

Battery: 2 cell battery (2 x LR44)

Battery life: about 10 months (one hour daily use)

Automatically switches off after one hour



Do not put under direct sunlight

Do not disassemble this product, unless you are changing the battery.

Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times when using this product.

Storage conditions:

-10 to 50⁰C (14 to 122⁰F)

1 x Tortoo – Turtle bath thermometer with rattling toy

2 x LR44 batteries