Sports Tape Now Available |

Sports Tape Now Available

TensCare Ltd are proud to announce that we are now the exclusive distributors in the UK for the Strapit Sports Strapping Tape and Gripit KTAPE, Australian owned and developed by Physiotherapists.

The only tape company in the world that actually do ALL tapes and do them to an exceptional level - both in product quality AND education/training programs.  

We aim to provide the best possible product at competitive prices whilst supporting all community clubs, professional sporting associations and health care professionals.

Specialising in medical and sports supplies, Strapit offer a great range of sports strapping tapes, elastic adhesive bandages (EAB), underwrap tapes, cohesive bandage, hypoallergenic fix tape, thumb tape.


SrapIt Professional Sports Tape

Our professional range of strapping tape is the very best available on the market. With extra rigid adhesive, our professional range ensures optimal support for joint stability and high performance. Used both for joint protection and following injury, our professional tape is the choice for the best possible support in both normal and excessive sweat environments.

  • Tan Coloured

  • Porous

  • Hand Tearable


Gripit ACTIVETAPES – Multi-Directional Nylon Tape

Gripit Active is a new and exciting product for new tapers as well as highly health professionals. It can be considered the “functional tape” assisting in unloading muscles and joints, reducing pain and enhancing performance and recovery. Gripit Active is a low allergenic (no latex or zinc oxide) smooth & comfortable to wear multi-directional stretch tape. Gripit Active comprises of a blend of nylon and cotton cloth giving it a slinky light and athletic feel which is durable and contours well to all body shapes and sizes. It is safe to use on all ages from children through to adults as well as during pregnancy.


  • A functional tape assisting in deloading muscles and joints

  • 250% stretch

  • Allows full range of motion during exercise

  • Multi-directional tape that stretches in both direction, meaning it can adhere closely around joints and body parts

  • Low Allergy Adhesive (no latex or zinc oxide)

  • Smooth and comfortable to wear, slinky light with an athletic feel.


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