Gripit Kinesiology tape is a cotton based cloth with a small percentage of nylon allowing for the stretch properties of the tape. The stretch of the tape allows the practitioner up to a maximum of 60% stretch when applying to the skin which mimics the properties of the skin. The traction and elevation of the skin fascia stimulates a number of systems that sit so close to the skin including the sensory nervous system, the circulatory (blood) system, the lymphatic drainage system and the noniceptive (pain) system. 

What this all means is that these systems and all influence by Gripit Kinesiology tape and guess what - it can help in so many ways:

  • Improving performance
  • Reduces local pain through the gate control system
  • Assists with Healing and Recovery
  • Provides support
  • When applied in a certain way - can assist with unloading joints with certain movements

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