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Viva Wireless Vaginal Probe

The Viva Wireless Vaginal Probe works remotely from the Viva Pelvic Floor Exerciser base unit – leaving no wires for complete freedom and mobility and can provide relief from stress, urge and mixed incontinence as well as improving sexual wellbeing.

Pelvic floor exercisers are one of the most effective forms on continence management and provide a discreet, affordable and long-term solution for incontinence sufferers.

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The Viva Wireless Vaginal Probe uses Wi-Fi technology – controlling the vaginal trainer probe remotely from the main control unit - eliminating the need for wires and creating a more discreet user experience.

Key features include:

  • Wireless Vaginal Trainer - working remotely from the main control unit
  • Discreet – no wires ensure usage is completely hidden
  • Dimentions: 100mm length x 27mm diameter
  • Comfortable Muscle Stimulation - strengthening the pelvic floor muscles
  • Compatible - for use with various pelvic floor exercisers
  • Slimline and lightweight design to be used intra-vaginally
  • Reusable for up 6 months (single patient use)

For single patient use only.