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Squeezable Nightlight and Why You Should Get One for Your Baby

The debate on pros and cons out nightlights in the nursery is still ongoing, but at TensCare we like having our input; or rather a conclusion.

We can, for a fine fact, say that a nightlight on its own does miracles to both, babies and parents.

And squeezable nightlight is a new level of that. 

TensCare Turns 27 Today. Happy Birthday to Us!

Yes, you read it right.

Twenty-seven years.

This is how long we have been helping people all over the world to win their lives back. 

From the primary focus of TENS machines for pain relief during child birth based in UK, in 27 years TensCare has added many new well-being and electrotherapy products to its catalogue, branching out across not just countries but continents. 

Electrical Muscle Stimulation and Fitness. Myths and Truths about EMS

The days of Electric Muscle Stimulation being used in physio therapy are long gone.

TV adverts, social media and influencers all over the world swear on their lives EMS is a magical fitness solution and as little as 15 minutes of it a day will work miracles to your muscle strength.


But is it true? 

5 Drug-Free Pain Relief Options for Labour and Childbirth

It’s not a secret that giving birth is one of the greatest pains in the world. Going into labour takes a lot of time and preparation, and while there are tons of action plans and advice floating all over the web as well as coming from friends and family, there is no solution that fits all.

At TensCare we are aware there are many women out there that choose not take medications to fight labour pains, be it related to the underlying health conditions or personal beliefs.

And so, to provide some assistance we have compiled a list of 5 drug-free pain relief options during labour.