1 in 3 women and 1 in 7 men will suffer from some form of incontinence during their lives. Pelvic floor exercisers are one of the most effective forms of continence management and provide a discreet, affordable and long-term solution for incontinence sufferers.

Pelvic Floor Exercisers are also a great way to tone your pelvic floor after childbirth, alongside postpartum pelvic floor exercises as shown by your antenatal or yoga teacher.

Our range of pelvic floor exercisers and trainers are clinically tested and can help with the management and relief of incontinence, are proven to be a safe, drug-free, non-surgical solution, and provide freedom from the use of containment pads to help sufferers return to a normal lifestyle.

Pelvic Floor Exercisers send a gentle stimulation to your pelvic floor through a vaginal probe, working your pelvic floor muscle for you and enabling you to develop your own muscle control. They work along with pelvic floor exercises to gently strengthen and tone your pelvic floor muscle which in-turn improves the symptoms of incontinence (bladder weakness). Sessions last for just 20 minutes a day and should be used for a period of 12 weeks. Many see improvements within as little as 3-4 weeks.

You should also keep a Bladder Diary so that you can log your progress and see your results. You can also download the Uro Today Bladder Diary App for iPhones via the AppStore.

Our range of Pelvic Floor Exercisers can also be used with an anal probe for the improvement of symptoms of bladder weakness in men, and of faecal incontinence (please contact us for more information).

For more information on Continence Management and how Pelvic Floor Exercisers can help you, please see our FAQs section or Contact Us for free, confidential advice from a dedicated member of our team.


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