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Celebrating Employee Ownership Day 2019

For us, transitioning into an employee-owned company has started an avalanche of success. In our short 2 year tenure as an employee-owned business, we have increased our revenue year on year and seen a 25% growth in staff. 

Our 2 years of growth has had its pros and cons with being an employee-owned business. However, the pros heavily outweigh the cons.


Does a TENS Unit help Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Are you struggling to use your mouse? play your video games or instruments? You might be suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Having aches, pain and numbness in your hands is scary. Irreversible damage can be done to the nerve if not treated in a timely matter.

Don’t settle with mediocre pain relief from a cheap brace and ineffective painkillers.

TensCare Opens A New Office Across The Pond

TensCare is proud to announce we have opened a new office in Austin, Texas after a successful Trade Mission in the southern state. Our products get a fantastic reception from all corners of the world so It is important to us that everyone has the choice to explore natural alternatives to treat their conditions and symptoms. We at TensCare, are well aware of the vast benefits and we are excited to bring this value to the U.S market.



Chronic pain ruining your life? IFT can help manage pain

Chronic pain ruins lives. It ruins friendships, hobbies, diet, sleep, relationship, marriages, overall happiness and so much more.

To make it worse NSAID's, opiates and other drugs have side effects which make you question which is better to deal with; the side effects or the chronic pain.

Fortunately for you, there are options outside of prescription drugs that can really make a difference in your life!

Fibromyalgia: Drug-Free Alternatives for Pain Relief (2019)

Sufferers of chronic pain know the dark side of pain management... The side effects

Many people with fibromyalgia often put up with the side effects of a variety of drugs due to their ability to effectively reduce the pain. 

However many people are unaware that there are many alternatives to traditional pain medication which do not cause a host of new problems with the side effects.

Here's Why 90% of Mothers Would Use Our Perfect MamaTENS Again

Deciding which pain relief solution for your pregnancy is tough! 

We want Women to know there are options for drug-free pain relief.

Click the Learn More Button to find out how thousands of mothers have seen extraordinary results!

ISO Certification: ISO 13485: 2016

We credit our success with our ability to develop and maintain a cutting-edge product portfolio, which continues to meet and exceed the expectations of the end user.

TensCare Ltd constantly undergoes auditing processes and reviews every year, the most recent of which was conducted by LRQA, who thoroughly assessed our quality management systems and safety procedures in application for ISO EN 13485 certification. 

We are proud to inform ...

TensCare Awarded Employee Owned Rising Star, Highly Commended By The Employee Ownership Association

The team at TensCare have a clear sense of purpose through our mission to improve the quality of life by helping people feel better naturally.

This EOA short listing recognition amongst a field of truly inspiring employee owned businesses is a nomination we are truly proud of.

In a market place where electrotherapy suppliers have access to the same technology and manufacturing

The Worst Kept Secret in Pain Relief

Newspapers can play an extremely important part in educating people on the causes and effects of chronic long-term pain.

However, often stories of people suffering from conditions such as Fibromyalgia, can become buried beneath political scandals and ABBA reunions.

Occasionally, the issue of chronic pain is addressed, but TENS can sometimes be overlooked as a viable solution to the problems so many face every day.

We gave an Olympic athlete a Sports TENS and this is what he had to say

Here at TensCare, we always love getting feedback on our products, and constantly strive to improve on what we provide to our customers.

Hence, occasionally, we like to give our products a stress-test, to see how they perform under more taxing conditions.

The best way to do this, was to test one of our most popular units – a TensCare Sports TENS 2, to World and European champion, and British 2020 Olympic competitor – Jordan Thomas.