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5 Drug-Free Pain Relief Options for Labour and Childbirth

It’s not a secret that giving birth is one of the greatest pains in the world. Going into labour takes a lot of time and preparation, and while there are tons of action plans and advice floating all over the web as well as coming from friends and family, there is no solution that fits all.

At TensCare we are aware there are many women out there that choose not take medications to fight labour pains, be it related to the underlying health conditions or personal beliefs.

And so, to provide some assistance we have compiled a list of 5 drug-free pain relief options during labour.  

Important Update: TensCare Will Be Closed on the 1st of July

Dear all, we have an important update regarding our operation and processing of orders on the 1st of July. To honour 100 days of the lockdown, at TensCare we are hitting a reset button and closing the company for a day. 
Our customer support, unfortunately, will be unavailable all day and any orders placed on the 1st will be processed the following day. From July 2nd and further ahead, TensCare will be running business as usual.


employee ownership day tenscare

Employee Ownership Day at TensCare and What It Means to Us

TensCare is an employee owned business – more so, we are a family.

The Employee Ownership Day itself celebrates collective strength and unity in achieving mutual goals, but we believe there is so much more to it and live every day nourishing strong bonds within the company.

We don’t only share the ownership of the business: every success, every idea, every concern and every challenge we face united.  

COVID-19 - Company Update

Dear customers,

COVID-19 has struck our world like no other illness in this century. At TensCare our main concern is the wellbeing of our staff and clients

Due to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, to help keep staff safe we have limited numbers of operational staff (real heroes) working in our warehouse areas to help maintain social distancing and the large majority of our colleagues are currently working from home.