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Perfect MamaTENS

Perfect mamaTENS uses the latest technology in TENS to offer drug-free, more natural pain relief during labour.

Perfect mamaTENS maternity TENS is designed to be portable and simple to use, and provide an alternative to more intrusive methods of pain relief during childbirth.

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Perfect mamaTENS uses TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) to relieve pain by a) helping the body to release natural painkillers (called endorphins) and b) by blocking pain signals to the brain.

Maternity TENS machines have an excellent reputation as one of the safest, most effective forms of modern pain control available to women during childbirth. Midwives recommend Perfect MamaTENS as the machines are safe to use and enable mothers to remain mobile and upright during labour; aiding the descent and dilatation to provide a more natural, drug-free form of pain relief.

Key features of perfect mamaTENS include: 

  • Simple and easy-to-use controls, allowing the Mother to remain in control of her own pain relief
  • Large electrode pads for maximum nerve coverage
  • 3 preset programs specifically designed to help counter labour pain at every stage
  • Integral boost button to provide additional pain relief during contractions
  • 60 steps of intensity for gentle increases in stimulation
  • Safety feature which returns intensity to '0' if there is a break in the circuit connection
  • Active Power Ramp
  • Drug-free and safe to use for both Mother and baby
  • Backlit Screen

Technical Information:

CAUTIONS AND WARNINGS (Please read instruction manual carefully before use)

Do not use TENS:

  • If you have a heart pacemaker or have a heart rhythm problem. TENS in the direct vicinity of a pacemaker may affect some models. If TENS is applied on the front of the neck this can affect your heart rate. Very strong TENS across the chest may cause an extra heartbeat.
  • If you have epilepsy. TENS may affect seizure threshold. You should consult your doctor prior to using the mamaTENS unit.
  • During the first three months of pregnancy. It is not known whether TENS may affect foetal development
  • On the abdomen in the later stages of pregnancy. Stop use immediately if you experience unexpected contractions.
  • When driving, operating machinery, or similar actions needing fine control. Loose pads, damaged leads, or sudden changes in contact may cause brief involuntary muscle movements
  • To mask or relieve undiagnosed pain. TENS may delay diagnosis of progressive condition.

• Observe caution when using the MamaTENS at the same time as being connected to monitoring equipment with body worn electrode pads; it may interfere with the signals being monitored.
• Strong electromagnetic fields (electrosurgery/microwave cookers/ mobile phones) may affect the correct operation of this unit. If it appears to behave unusually, move it away from these devices.
• Use caution following recent surgical procedures. Stimulation may disrupt the healing process.

Do not place electrode pads: 
• On broken skin. The pads could encourage infection.
• On skin which does not have normal sensation. If the skin is numb, too great a strength may be used, which could result in skin inflammation.
• On the front of the neck. Could cause the airway to close, giving breathing problems. May cause sudden drop in blood pressure (vasovagal response).
• Over the eyes. May affect eyesight or cause headaches
• Across the front of the head. Effect on patients who have had strokes or seizures is not known. May affect sense of balance. The effects of stimulation of the brain are unknown.
• Near malignant tumours. In vitro experiments have shown that electricity can promote cell growth.

Do not:
• Ignore any allergic reaction to the electrode pads. If a skin irritation develops stop using TENS, and try a different type of electrode. Alternative pads specially made for sensitive skin are available.

Also do not:
• Immerse your TENS unit in water or place it close to excessive heat. It may cease to operate correctly.
• Attempt to open up the TENS unit. This will invalidate the guarantee.
• Mix old, new or different types of batteries.
• Use this device with leads, electrodes, and accessories other than those recommended by the manufacturer. Performance may vary from specification.



Inside the box you will find:-

  • Your perfect mamaTENS unit
  • A set of batteries,
  • Neck cord,
  • Belt clip,
  • Electrode pads designed specifically for use with your Perfect mamaTENS,
  • This instruction manual.
  • Storage pouch 

Safe, drug-free pain relief during labour

Maternity TENS machines have an excellent reputation as one of the safest, most effective forms of modern pain control available to women during childbirth. Midwives recommend MamaTENs as the machines are safe to use and enable mothers to remain mobile and upright during labour; aiding the descent and dilation whilst providing a more natural, drug-free form of pain relief.

Our Maternity TENS units use TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) to relieve pain by a) helping the body to release natural painkillers (called endorphins), and b) by blocking pain signals to the brain.

Unlike general TENS machines the MamaTENS Maternity TENS machine has pre-set programmes which are specifically designed to help relieve labour pain.

The MamaTENS machine also offers a boost button which allows Mums-to-be to rapidly increase the intensity to provide additional pain relief during contractions. 

Four electrode pads are placed onto the back; 2 just below the bra line and 2 on the lower back. These electrode pads omit small electrical impulses along the spine, blocking pain signals sent to the brain during labour.


MamaTENS and MamaTENS MyTime are an essential part of every mum-to-be’s hospital bag, helping you manage your contractions from the moment labour starts, keeping you in control.

Why use the MamaTENS and MamaTENS MyTime?

  • Safe for mother and baby
  • Drug-free
  • Recommended by midwives and GPs
  • Easy-to-use
  • 9 out of 10 women find TENS helpful in labour
  • Mum-to-be remain in control
  • Can be used from the onset of labour, helping with transition from home to hospital
  • Mum-to-be can remain mobile
  • Can be safely used in conjunction with analgesics such as pethidine or standard gas and air
  • Can be used to manage after birth pain
  • Can be used for post-episiotomy pain
  • Suitable for general back ache post pregnancy   

Buying or Renting your TensCare Maternity TENS Machine?









TensCare offer Mums-to-be the option to buy or hire their Maternity TENS machine.

Hiring a Maternity TENS unit is easy – simply provide us with your name, address, contact details and due date and we will dispatch your Maternity TENS unit directly to your home 3 weeks before your due date.

All postage to and from you is included in the rental charge.

If you are overdue, simply Contact Us to extend the rental period by 2 weeks, free of charge.   

If you decide to buy your Maternity TENS machine, TensCare will dispatch your unit the same day the order is placed*

Replacement electrode pads for future pregnancies or for post pregnancy back pain can be purchased from our Accessories range. 

*Orders placed before 4pm on a working day are dispatched on the same day. For more urgent orders, you can upgrade to Courier - Next Working Day delivery or Next Day - Saturday delivery. Please see our Delivery Options for further details.

The risks to unborn babies and to foetal development when using TENS before 37 weeks into pregnancy are unknown, therefore we do not recommend the use of a TENS machine before you reach this stage of pregnancy.

After 37 weeks into your pregnancy, you can safely use TENS to help provide relief from backache, and for a drug-free alternative form of pain relief during your labour.

We highly recommend:

  • Do NOT use during the first three months of pregnancy. It is not known whether TENS may affect foetal development.
  • Do NOT use on the abdomen in the later stages of pregnancy. Stop using immediately if you experience unexpected contractions.

Please see the ACPWH guidance for more information.






Perfect MamaTENS


Preset programmes specifically designed to help counter pain at all stages of labour.

3 preset programmes

3 preset programmes with more steps of intensity

3 preset programmes

Boost Mode

Boost Mode gives, rapid, easily controllable increase in intensity providing enhanced pain relief during contractions




Ramp Mode

Ramp Mode increases strength beyond normal settings to action the third pain relief mechanism of TENS called “Brief Intense TENS to help counter extreme pain.”




Intensity Control

Increasing the intensity in small steps for gentler stimulation.

60 steps of intensity

140 steps of intensity providing much smaller and gentler increases in strength.

60 steps of intensity

Neck Cord

The Neck Cord allows you to wear your TENS around your neck, leaving it hands free. The neck cord also provides a safety detachment if pulled.




Comfort Strength Control

Provides Gentle stimulation by monitoring pad resistance and adjusting the output to maintain a constant feeling.

Gives you greater comfort and prevents unpleasant spikes in strength if pad comes loose from the skin.




Open Circuit Detection

Detects if there is a break in the circuit connection (i.e.if the leads come loose from the unit or pads come loose from the skin) to ensure perfect pad contact at all times.

Intensity will return to zero until connection is re-established.

. ‘PAD Alarm’ will flash on screen until connection is re-established.

Intensity will return to zero until connection is re-established.



The simple answer is NO.

Although ordinary TENS and maternity TENS work in the same way, ordinary TENS machines are not specifically designed for maternity use.

There are several important, practical differences:


When a contraction occurs, you need to be able to quickly change the way the TENS operates, and then be able to change it back at the end of the contraction. Unlike normal TENS units, the Maternity TENS has a special ‘boost’ button which quickly adjusts the settings when you need them.


Our maternity TENS have special settings for each stage of labour. You can change the settings at the touch of just one button. With an ordinary TENS unit, you would need to adjust several settings as your labour progresses – a more difficult operation in an extremely stressful situation.


Most TENS units have a separate intensity control for each lead. Our maternity units have one intensity control for both leads to make things simpler.


In labour the pain is widespread. You need to cover a large area to get effective pain relief. If you do not have the special larger pads which are supplied with the maternity TENS units, then the pain relief provided will not be as effective.

In summary, it is much safer and easier to use Maternity TENS units during labour as they are specifically designed to suit the needs of pregnant women, and clinically tested to ensure the upmost effectiveness in providing drug-free pain relief during childbirth.

For more information on our range of Maternity TENS units, please click here